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Established in 2019, Hubbell Woodshop, LLC is owned and operated by Taylor Hubbell.  Each piece is designed in consultation with clients and designers to curate a truly handmade piece of furniture.  Our furniture is intricately handled from concept to completion without skipping a step.  From hand sorting the lumber, each piece is hand molded, milled, shaped and jointed in house.  Every effort is make to produce 1:1 furniture our clients can be proud to hand down from generation to generation.

The craft of curating handmade items has fallen by the wayside in recent times.  We are proud to do our part in holding onto these longstanding traditions: not to skip a step, cut a corner or make what’s easy. We put in the long hours and do the hard work, in order to leave our clients with a truly unique piece to be used and enjoyed.

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